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Weekly Fun

This page will be a collection of ideas from the whole Welton Family to help us laugh and smile together.



Guess Who quiz from the Welton Team. 

Watch the video and see the Teams' favourite footwear.  Can you work out who they belong to?   Quiz sheet attached below.  

Click here to watch


Can you solve Welton's Close Up Picture Quiz? Watch the slide show and fill in the attached quiz sheet. Answers to follow! 

Click here to watch


The next Guess Who quiz from the Welton Team!  Watch our Through the Keyhole film. 

"Whose house is it anyway?"

We've attached a list of names and and a blank answer sheet to use.

Click here to watch


Where's Welton?

How many Bitmoji of each member of staff can you find?

See the attached sheet to play.      


To get things started why don't you play a game of Who's Who?  

Watch the presentation of baby photographs of members of the school team and see how many you can identify. 

We have attached a list of names and a blank answer sheet to fill in. 

Click here to see the photographs

Thank you to Mrs Shipp for this Disney Quiz Idea

Click for the quiz

Click for the answers