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W.I.L.S. (Welton Independent Learning Skills)

W.I.L.S (Welton Independent Learning Skills)

The Promotion of  W.I.L.S (Welton Independent Learning Skills) has become an integral part of teaching and Learning at our school.

All children and staff were consulted in devising the ‘key skills’ we really want to promote in our school. Our agreed W.I.L.S. are:

  • Stickability - our term for resilience, sticking with something even if it is hard;
  • Personal Best – aiming for our very best, competing against our own efforts;
  • Risk It – being willing to challenge ourselves and try something new, or to push ourselves  out of our comfort zone;
  • Organised – knowing what we need, having it ready and being responsible;
  • Asking Questions - to be thinking about things on a deep level, asking probing questions of ourselves, friends and staff;
  • Focus  - channelling our energy and full concentration on a particular task or goal;
  • Collaboration – working positively with others in a team, taking turns, being respectful etc;
  • Reflection – Looking at what we have done well, what we could do next time, reviewing performance and effort and thinking about our thinking (metacognition).

A super hero character was then designed to match each of these 8 important skills.

We are very proud of the way in which the children use these skills to help their learning and development. The children speak with confidence, enthusiasm and accuracy about W.I.L.S. and this is embedded as part of the everyday language at Welton.

Our W.I.L.S. superheroes are constantly seen around the school to help promote superb skills for learning.  Whether on display in the classroom or on certificates awarded in assembly the W.I.L.S. approach has made a really positive impact in school.