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To ensure that all pupils access our curriculum we must provide them with a vocabulary-rich understanding.

The words we use in our curriculum can be organised into three types or Tiers. We use Tier 1 words every day in the classroom. Tier 3 words are the technical vocabulary we use in our curriculum subjects.  However, Tier 2 words need to be taught explicitly so that our children can use then to make sense of the curriculum and technical Tier 3 vocabulary.

We teach vocabulary explicitly in our SEEC lessons as well as during subject teaching. Subject vocabulary for each topic is displayed in the classrooms to support the children.  

To see the vocabulary the children will be taught to help them access Welton's curriculum, please see below. 

Early Language Development and Intervention

Oral language is key to a child's development. There is increasing evidence that these early skills make a real difference to later performance.

NELI Language Intervention

For child who experience early language difficulties, at Welton we provide the research based NELI (Nuffield Early Language Intervention). This is a 20-week programme proven to help young children overcome language difficulties. It is designed for children aged 4-5 years and combines small group work with one-to-one sessions delivered by trained teachers and key workers, targeting vocabulary, narrative skills, active listening and phonological awareness.

Developed by a team led by Maggie Snowling and Charles Hulme, the intervention has been evaluated in robust trials funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and the Nuffield Foundation. These have found it to be effective for improving children’s oral language skills as well as promoting longer-term progress in reading comprehension.