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Welton Primary School prides itself in being an inclusive school.  The culture and ethos of the school celebrates the diversity of the school population and we are committed to nurturing, challenging and igniting every child’s unique spark of genius.

We have a holistic approach to supporting pupils with additional needs and as well as the very good systems for supporting learning and physical needs (as described in the Welton Local Offer) we provide the following support for social and emotional aspects of learning:

The Sensory Room

The room is suitable for individuals and small groups and can be used for specialist work and more generic curriculum work.  We also have a regular slot for one of the local day care nurseries, who use it for a specific programme of work.

Sensory Rooms are a quiet, calm space where pupils can focus intently on following instructions, responding to a curriculum stimulus or carrying out an intensive piece of work without distraction.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors are children in school who are trained to act as mediators, helping other children work through problems they may have.  These may be in areas such as homework or disagreements with friends.  The mentors will provide a safe place where issues can be discussed and, hopefully, resolved in a calm and purposeful way.

Massage in School

We are currently re-establishing a massage programme across all year groups. The aim of this is to promote and encourage positive touch and teach children relaxation techniques which they will hopefully carry with them throughout their life. Touch triggers the body to release a feel good hormone (oxytocin) which makes children fell calm, positive and optimistic. The touch strokes themselves have a similar effect to the brain gym and ‘Activate’ which we are currently using in school to activate the brain.

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