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Pupil Voice

Children at Welton are encouraged to have a voice that is both effective and considered.  

They learn to make informed choices and express their opinions carefully.  The collaboration in classrooms, thinking skills and debates help the children consider, express and reflect so that they use their voice effectively.

All children are given opportunities to express an opinion, whether this is through some choices in the classroom, the playground or across the whole schoool.

There are several Pupil Voice Clubs which help develop these skills and  feedback is shared with the whole school.

Selected children have recently talked about Anti Bullying, British Values and Teaching and Learning so that the school can look at policies and strategies through the eyes of a child. 

The School Council are an elected group of children, who explore whole school focuses and then lead a discussion back in the classrooms.    They have a suggestion box for other children to offer other 'bright ideas' for them to discuss.  

The SEAL Spies are a newly introduced, randomly selected pupil voice group who try to 'catch children' demonstrating postive attitudes around the school. They will learn to articulate what this good behaviour looks like.  They will suggest ways to keep the focus on expectations high and positive. 

Peer Mentors use their 'voice' to model postive language and support for other children during playtimes and support children who are worried.   They will give ideas to other chldren so that they have pleasant and meaningful play opportunities.