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Our Ethos

At Welton we are passionate about children and childhood.  We believe children should be nurtured yet challenged in a very special learning environment which values the uniqueness of each of our pupils.  The Welton community is a learning community.

To foster and develop the unique potential of all our pupils we provide an exceptional curriculum and approach to learning. A key feature of our approach is to give pupils opportunities to engage in their learning through discussion and reflection ensuring they develop very well as learners; demonstrating the facility to think critically and creatively.  Explicitly teaching children to think leads to improvements in their confidence, speaking and active listening skills which enable them to communicate constructively, solve problems and learn independently. 

Our curriculum puts metacognition (learning to learn) at the centre of its activities and objectives and gives children opportunities to develop the higher thinking skill levels of synthesis, evaluation, analysis and application essential for mastering skills and concepts for the highest levels of achievement and attainment.

Our work to promote and support the importance of a happy and memorable childhood is a focus of the rigorous, themed curriculum which maximise outdoor learning, visits, visitors and practical activities which enable pupils to work independently, co-operatively and in a leadership role to reflect, connect learning and master new skills.