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Letters to Parents

Please see the letter sent to parents on Monday 4th January 2021

Dear Welton Family,

I assume that you will have heard the announcement from the Government tonight announcing an immediate national lockdown and the closure of schools.

The law says that everyone should

Stay at Home - Coronavirus cases are rising rapidly across the country.

Firstly, can I assure we have had no pre-warning that lockdown was to be announced or that schools would be closed.  We are very aware this will be very challenging.

The aim of school closure is to protect the NHS and prevent further deaths, hospitals are now at a critical point and new cases are exceeding 50, 000 every day. 

Although schools remain open for critical workers and vulnerable children, we are asking you to do everything in your power to keep your children at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus.  As we have had no notice of this closure, we are asking that you only bring your child to school tomorrow if:

  1. You are a critical worker and do not have a support bubble who can share the care of your child enabling them to stay at home
  2. Your child is vulnerable

We will be providing a simple remote learning plan for tomorrow, which will become more comprehensive for the rest of the week.

As we receive more guidance it may be necessary to prioritise who we can offer places to in our school as in the previous lock down.

If you are not sure if you are a critical worker, please visit the Government webpage:

To summarise:

  • The school is closed tomorrow apart for the children of critical workers and vulnerable children whose carers cannot use their support bubble to care for the children at home.
  • If you are a critical worker (with no alternative) you should bring your child to school at the staggered start time and the entrance already shared before the holiday. (if you are already booked into the OOSC it will operate tomorrow)
  • All the usual rules for uniform, lunches and possessions remain in place
  • For all other children, online learning will be posted on the website under the remote learning tab, as soon as possible tomorrow.

We thank you in advance for your support in protecting the Welton Family and the NHS

Nikki Pidgeon