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Welcome Back

We look forward to seeing you soon. Watch the slide show to find out about your first day.

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Please see the attachments below.  Summer 1 topic for Foundation children is 'All Creatures Great and Small'.

Week one is focussing on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' (week commencing 20 April)

Week two is focussing on 'The Gruffalo' (week commencing 27 April)

Week three is focussing on 'Monkey Puzzle' (week commencing 4 May)

To hear Miss Brash read the Monkey Puzzle Click here

Week four is focussing on Percy the Park Keeper - 'After The Storm' (week commencing 11 May)

To hear Mr  Dixon read After the Storm Click here

Week five is focussing on 'What the Ladybird Heard Next' (week commencing 18 May)

To hear Miss Brash read "What the Ladybird Heard Next" Click here

Week 6 is focussing on "The Highway Rat" (week commencing 1 June)

To hear Mr Dixon reading the story Click here

Week 7 is the theme of "Rainbow Fish" 

To hear Mr Dixon read the story Click here

Week beginning 22nd June

Please the learning menu the Snail and the Whale and resources attached below

Week beginning 29th June

To hear Mr Dixon read Farmer Duck click here

Week beginning 7th July

To hear Miss Brash read Freddie and the Fairy click here

Week beginning 13th July 

To hear Mr Dixon read this week's story click here

  1. Cowboys PP WC 13.07.20
  2. Remembering Cowboy Coyote WC 13.07.20
  3. Label a Cowboy WC 13.07.20
  4. Favourite Part WC 13.07.20
  5. Four in a Row Phonics 13.07.20
  6. Coyote Fact Sheet WC 13.07.20
  7. Animal Masks WC 13.07.20
  8. Monster Takeaway Sheet WC 13.07.20
  9. Subtraction Cards WC 13.07.20
  10. doubling dominoes WC 06.07.20
  11. doubling playdough mats WC 06.07.20
  12. doubling magicians problem solving questions WC 06.07.20
  13. Freddie and the Fairy - phonics, maths, literacy and topic WC 06.07.20
  14. freddie and the fairy rhyming pictures WC 06.07.20
  15. Grandad's Farm Story WC 29th June
  16. Freddie and the Fairy rhyming mark making sheet WC 06.07.20
  17. magic milk experiment instructions WC 06.07.20
  18. phase 4 phonics yes and no sentences WC 06.07.20
  19. Snail and the Whale phonics
  20. Fact file sheet
  21. June 15th Home Learning Menu
  22. sea creatures phonics
  23. Math Bar Chart
  24. All about pirates
  25. Pirate Story Board
  26. Crack the code
  27. How to make a pirate hat
  28. Make a pirate map
  29. Wanted Poster
  30. Size Ordering
  31. Sentences to cut and hide
  32. Remembering Portside Pirates
  33. Part-Part whole model
  34. Message in a bottle
  35. Pirate phonics colouring
  36. NEW June Timetable
  37. NEWThe Rainbow Fish Learning - Phonics, Maths, Literacy and Topic
  38. NEW Counting fish activity sheet
  39. NEW Rainbow Fish story sequencing black and white pictures
  40. NEW A good friend is
  41. NEW Rainbow-Fish-Collage-Template
  42. NEW Under the sea read and colour
  43. Areas of Learning Additional Activities - The Highway Rat
  44. Highway Rat Focus Learning - Phonics, Literacy and Topic
  45. Heavier and Lighter
  46. Highway Rat Hat activity sheet
  47. Identify 3D Shapes Sheet
  48. Highway Rat Hobby horse activity sheet
  49. Summer 1 What The Ladybird Heard Next
  50. Home Learning Challenge sheet for families - What the Ladybird Heard Next
  51. 2D Shape Ladybird Picture cutting
  52. Ladybird doubling activity
  53. Ladybird playdough template
  54. WANTED poster for the robbers
  55. Farm animal scavenger hunt
  56. Summer 1 After The Storm
  57. Home Learning Challenge sheet for families - After the Storm
  58. Bingo boards and counters
  59. 'sh' roll and read
  60. Role Play sheets
  61. Counting objects sheet
  62. Summer 1 Monkey Puzzle
  63. Mini Mash activity poster
  64. Doodle Letter to parents
  65. Purple Mash Letter to parents
  66. Sumdog Letter to parents
  67. How to Plant a Seed WC 29th June
  68. Interview with Farmer Duck WC 29th June
  69. Ladybird Sharing WC 29th June
  70. Symmetrical Monsters WC 29th June
  71. Welcome to Sharing WC 29th June
  72. toadstool fingerprint counting WC 06.07.20
  73. phonics phase 4 picture and sentence match WC 06.07.20
  74. air phoneme spotter phonics
  75. The Lost Cowboy focus learning - phonics, maths, literacy and topic WC 13.07.20