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Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. (Michael Jordan)

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress, Working together is success. (Henry Ford)

Like any of the W.I.L.S. skills, Collaboration is a life skill not just a skill for in-school. We all need to be able to get on with one another and it a nutshell that is what ‘Collaboration’ is. Being a ‘people person’ is an important life-long skill.

When we were choosing names for our W.I.L.S. we chose collaboration rather than teamwork to help people understand it is not just in a sporting ‘team’ when cooperation, communication, respect and turn taking are important, but also within the classroom and work setting. 

What does Collaboration look like?

In and out of class collaboration isn’t just about get on with your friends, but getting on with everyone you come into contact with. Children at Welton regularly work in a range of groups in all aspects of the curriculum.

A prime example of brilliant collaboration comes through our weekly Wednesday Creative Context sessions, where we have totally mixed-age groups including pupils from Foundation through to Year6. Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils in particular act as mentors, guides, and mini-teachers supporting the younger pupils. The sense of togetherness and teamwork is so brilliant to see, with pupils putting the needs of others alongside or even ahead of their own.

Whether in thinking skills investigations in topic lessons, maths investigation and problem solving activities or guided reading groups to name but a few, children need to work with others – and we promote and celebrate the skills needed to that successfully.

We expect pupils to engage in a wide variety of activities that promote leadership and teamwork, including, participation in sports events and teams, and residential challenges.

Older pupils are asked to develop leadership skills, through ‘prefect’ type activities and playtime leader roles. Pupils have opportunities to collaborate through the other areas such as the School Council.

Are you good team player? How many times a day do you need to work with others? Respecting others and working successfully with them are such crucial life skills and ones which we positively promote at Welton.