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Robinwood 2016

The Year 6 children are on their way to Robinwood for an adventure weekend with Miss Seddon, Miss Clarkson, Mr Dusher and Mr Quinnell!

This is where you will be updated on the events over the weekend ...

The children have arrived safe and sound at Robinwood, had their lunch and will now be starting their first activities.  It's not raining there!

After a great first day, the children are just settling down to bed - fingers crossed that they are all tired out and sleep well!

It's 8.30am and the children are all tucking into their breakfasts - there are a few tired faces but other than that they are all fine!  They have a full day of activities ahead of them. 

A great day had by all and the sun has been shining!  The children have just had their evening meal and I'm sure they will be absolutely shattered by bed time. 

All ok this morning.  Miss Seddon texted at 8am to say that the children were just having breakfast.  No time to rest though, straight on with the activities for the day.  The timetable showed the leaving time at 2.30pm but we will keep you informed of the eta as soon as we know.


The bus has just left the centre and the estimated time of arrival back at school is 4.30pm. Please be there just before. Thank you.